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IT Engineering Services

If you can imagine it, Reliance IT can build it. We’re your perfect partner to create, better business processes.
Are all your business processes fully optimized and working to maximum efficiency? Partnering with Reliance IT will greatly expand your vision and your expectations for how your organization can improve its internal business processes. We’re specialists at developing applications with uncommon requirements for integrating into existing systems or meeting other special constraints that you may have been told were impossible to accomplish. Since our network of IT experts excels in all current technologies, we do the impossible every day. Some of our strengths include .NET, SharePoint, Java, Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, Enterprise Content Management platforms File Net and Documentum.
Quicker-to-market product development

Is there a business opportunity you’re missing because you don’t have the right internal IT resources? If you have a great idea but lack the expertise to get it off the ground, then Reliance IT is the perfect development partner for you. We help you take your product idea from drawing board to delivery efficiently and affordably, while allowing you to use your existing resources to focus on other mission-critical tasks.

Streamlined systems

Are there disconnects in the way you connect with customers? Rely on Reliance IT to conduct a thorough and comprehensive systems architecture review and make realistic recommendations for improving the way you do business. We evaluate your systems from strategy to transaction, revalidating assumptions and trimming the processes to build more robust and effective systems.

Cost effective product maintenance

Are the financial impacts of maintaining aging products adversely impacting your ability to produce new products? Reliance IT will help you to continue your heritage of innovation by supporting your existing products and customers, freeing up your internal product development resources to create new products and drive revenue.

Developing Software and Relationships

Are you looking for a long-term partnership that provides you with ongoing innovation? By partnering with Reliance IT for your software development and systems operations needs, you have immediate access to a worldwide talent pool of gifted designers and developers who help you accomplish more and spend less doing it. We have unparalleled expertise in:

     * Application Maintenance

     * Systems Operations

     * Remote Systems and Database Administration

     * Technical Support

     * Other critical IT functions

For more information on how Reliance IT can provide you with a powerful partnership solution for IT Engineering Services, contact us today.

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Over past 8 years I have utlized Reliance on multiple projects requiring the automation of invoice processing . They have been timely, responsive and overall we have been very satisfied with them.  
Greg B (Director, Verizon Business)    

I have engaged Reliance IT to provide training development and project management services on numerous projects in Sun. Reliance IT have always provided resources with the right skill sets who have worked well with the rest of the department to produce quality products, on time  
Peter F (Director, Sun Microsystems)    

I have worked with Sim off and on for over 14 years. He is one of the original makers of magic. I say this because I have watched him repeatedly conjure resources to get impossible projects successfully finished when almost any one else would fail. Remarkably, when the impossible task is completed, all the people that worked with him are ready to go again. If he says it can be done then it can. If he says he will do it then its done. He's a calm hand in the the most tumultuous storm. I count myself fortunate to have gotten to work with him  
J D Hicks, President, Imagine Solutions    

Sim combines a unique balance of business acumen and technical knowledge to identify issues, recommend and implement solutions. He is very personable, confident and reliable. His integrity is unquestionable.”   
Ken Marshall, SVP Finance, Campingworld     

Reliance IT has the reputation of providing Small and Medium Businesses with enterprise class solutions. Their strength is their ability to develop platforms and applications that keep pace with the changing needs of the business. If you are looking for a company with strong ethics, commitment to customer service and solutions to business problems, Reliance IT is your answer.  
Frank Dunton, Manager, Verizon Business    

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